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Buying your glasses from BuySpecs Direct couldn't be easier


  1. Book an appointment to have your eyes tested at one of our Branches (Please note - Dorchester Branch does not offer eye testing facilities) or
  2. Bring in your current prescription or even your current pair of glasses from which a lens reading can be taken
  3. Choose the frame or frames you want from a huge selection of well known brands.
  4. Our qualified optical specialists will advise you on the most suitable lens type.
  5. Your glasses are then made to order and fitted by our experts on collection.

OCT eye sight testsEye Sight Tests with Advanced Digital Imaging

BuySpecs Direct has invested in the very latest OCT scanning technology. An Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan is a unique test which uses near-infrared light reflected off the retina to produce a high resolution 3-dimensional scan of the retina and associated structures.

An OCT scan will give accurate diagnosis of:

Click here to download more information on OCT Scanning

Your eyes deserve the benefits of cutting edge
technology - available at BuySpecs Direct

Eye tests available, call to make an appointment